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by Alfred Uhry Directed by Michael Andron

MARCH 14-27

The characters of Sunny and Lala are still open.

Please call 305-798-5088 to schedule an audition with Michael Andron

1997 Tony for Best Play

The play is set in the upper class German-Jewish community living in Atlanta, Georgia in December 1939. Hitler has recently conquered Poland, Gone with the Wind is about to premiere, and Adolph Freitag (owner of the Dixie Bedding Company), his sister Boo, and sister-in-law Reba, along with nieces Lala and Sunny – a Jewish family so highly assimilated they have a Christmas tree in the front parlor – are looking forward to Ballyhoo, a lavish cotillion ball sponsored by their restrictive country club. Adolph's employee Joe Farkas is an attractive eligible bachelor and an Eastern Europe Jew, familiar with prejudice but unable to fathom its existence within his own religious community. His presence prompts college student Sunny to examine intra-ethnic bias, her Jewish identity (or lack thereof), and the beliefs with which she's been raised.

Adolph Freitag A businessman, late 40s. Adores Sunny, but has little tolerance for Lala. Adolph is a kind soul, who understands the good impact Joe has on the family.

Boo Levy Adolf's sister, a few years older. Lala's mother, Sunny's aunt. Her husband is dead, and she struggles with wanting her daughter to be socially successful. Boo is the main character driving the play's inter-Jewish racism.

Reba Freitag Adolf's and Boo’s sister-in-law, middle 40s. Reba is somewhat simple, but is shrewder than others give her credit. Like the other characters, Reba is oblivious to what it means to be Jewish.

Sunny Freitag Reba's daughter, 20s. A junior at a well-to-do liberal arts college (Wellesley College), Sunny is interested in the works of Eugene Debs and Upton Sinclair. She struggles with her Jewish identity, but faces this through her relationship with Joe.

Lala Levy Boo's daughter, 20s. Obsessed with 'Gone With The Wind.' Somewhat childish and awkward, Lala finally finds a husband in Peachy. Lala fights with her mother over their Jewish identity and her social status.

Joe Farkas Adolf's business assistant, 20s. Works for Adolph Freitag, and finds an intellectual match in Sunny. Challenges the family to reassess their ideas of identity and family.

Peachy Weil a visitor from Lake Charles, 20s. Finds a match in Lala. Known for his obnoxious behavior and outspokenness.

Read the play. Choose characters you’re passionate about. Prepare to read any scenes with that character.

Call Michael Andron, 305-798-5088, with any questions.
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